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Lavu + Your Establishment

With dynamic features to increase productivity and sales, Lavu takes your business from good to great. Find out how Lavu can take your establishment to the next level.

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What Is LAVU?

Take the plunge into the digital age and welcome a LAVU system into your establishment. This iPad-operated point-of-sale system allows you to accept several forms of payment with interactive customer interface features. Both you and customers will be able to dive right into its intuitive interface and begin using it right away.


LAVU System

What Does LAVU Do?

Your restaurant will take on a mind of its own as LAVU allows your patrons to pay at the table, pay at the counter, or present payment to your servers. Options for EMV, ApplePay, Android Pay, NFC cards and traditional card swipes make it easy to find the right solution for your restaurant. You'll be able to set up employee management features, view customized reports and see live sales figures at a glance with your LAVU Pilot app.

How does LAVU work?

Using a Cloud backup to safely store all of your information, the LAVU system basically manages itself while helping your business run more efficiently. We've partnered with PayPal, Heartland Payment Systems, and Vantiv, as well as hundreds of other non-proprietary merchant processing options to ensure that you'll be able to accept just about any form of payment. If you'd prefer, we can even discuss more third-party options to accommodate your specific preferences.

Who is LAVU for?

LAVU is great for restaurants, due to its cool interactive and easy-to-use customer interface. The LAVU system is a convenient and accurate payment processor that's perfect for:

Single-Location Restaurant
  • Top Efficiency
  • Faster Orders & Tickets
  • Labor Management
  • Quick-Access Sales Data
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Give Yourself a Competitive Edge
  • Focus on the Food

Lavu Offers Enterprise-Level Features

  • Set Levels and Reporting
  • Regional Reporting
  • Access Levels and Employee Classes
  • Multiple-Location Menus and Global Menu Push
The Latest in Restaurant Tech
  • Technology helps to increase sales
  • Technology increases the productivity of restaurants
  • Technology gives restaurants a competitive advantage*
  • Savings
  • Modernity
  • Ease of Use

* Source: National Restaurant Association’s Restaurant Technology Survey 2016

LAVU is the latest in restaurant tech, offering a state-of-the-art feature set for restaurant businesses:

  • Bar or Nightclub
  • Brewpub
  • Coffee Shop
  • Food Truck
  • Full-Service
  • Pizzeria
  • Quick-Service

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